Space Coast Home Inspection Services

2187786_origComprehensive Home Inspection:

At Space Coast Home Inspections the client part of our inspection. Together we will evaluate the entire home, including the main systems:

  • Roof structure and roof covering
  • HVAC system
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical ( including the main panel, subpanels and circuit wiring )

In addition to the main systems, we will carefully inspect the attic checking for leaks, venting systems, duct work, any hidden wiring problems and proper insulation. We will address every room one at a time and will have its own place on the report. The exterior will be checked for moisture penetration as well aging systems. We will go over proper maintenance for all those systems.

Condo Specific Inspection:

Don’t pay more than you should! Our inspection report is  written especially for condominiums.

Move in ready inspections:

This program is designed for sellers and allows potential buyers and agents to gain access to your presale report with a link generated for you. You will also have a “Move-in Ready” yard sign installed for extra exposure to your property.

Maintenance Inspections

Mold and Radon Inspections

Citizens Roof Certification, Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspections


Every client as well as Agents can choose to sign up for the Home Owners Network (HON). That a $199 value absolutely free. Check it out through our link. You will learn more at the time of inspection.

Protecting Your Family's Health & Safety